Monday, November 10, 2008

Pro-Life and Pro-Death Penalty?

So, one Friday a month our Small Christian Community meets. It`s really nice to get together with two other devout Catholic couples and their families. Especially because my husband and I are still wet behind the ears, so to speak. We arrange to have at least two baby sitters to manage our kids - so we are minimally interrupted.

I think we all knew that with the election it would get heated. Especially since our parish is a more liberal parish. We have a new pastor who is trying to get us back on track with the Vatican but with nearly 30,000 active members it is hard. So...

We had some interesting topics discussed in regards to the election. Everyone of course is Pro-Life and members of the Knights of Columbus.

What really posed many questions in my mind was one woman who was pro-life and pro-death penalty. She asserted her position on the base that the Catholic Church was pro-death penatly. When questioned she said, and I quote, she would push the button or pull the trigger herself...

I know no instance where the Catholic Church supports the death penalty. Pope John Paul was shot at, and a man attempted to take his life. There was no venom in his words. But, her words were soaking wet with venom. For me it was scary...for many reasons I don`t want to post on right now.

I am hoping that someone with more knowledge will hop on here and help me out. I have googled the Catholic Church and death penalty but find nothing of the sort.


Melissa from MN said...

I found this link that might explain it more.