Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Post Pregnancy Wants...

Okay, I admit. I have had the margarita withdrawls since being pregnant. There's just something about all that sour fruit and salt! Although, I admit I had a non-alcoholic version this winter...okay a few. But, they just weren't the same.

I'm also a Martha Stewart junkie. I love watching her show and I love her magazines even more. I have the biggest LIVING collection around! She has wonderful tips (especially on making french toast - you have to check that recipe out!) and ideas for the home. ANYWAY, I was watching the show this week and she had a summer drink recipe that looked and sounded better than any margarita! So, I'm posting it here for everyone to enjoy.

This sounds like a recipe my husband and I had while we were on a *fling* in Texas a few years ago. We ate at this amazing Brazillian BBQ and had a drink similar to this...and whoo-hoo ladies a lot better than a margarita!! As Martha said it will make you 'happy'!

Lemonade Caipirinhas


2 large limes, cut into 16 wedges each

1/2 cup sugar

6 cups crushed ice

1 cup store-bought lemonade

Lemon slices, for garnish (optional)

Lime slices, for garnish (optional)

2 cups cachaça (Brazilian brandy)

1. Using a wooden pestle or spoon, crush limes and sugar in a large glass measuring cup until juices are released; pour in cachaça.

2. Transfer cachaça mixture to a large pitcher, and fill with ice. Stir in lemonade. Divide evenly among glasses. Garnish with lemon and lime slices, if desired.

Note: Recipe adapted from Good Things for Entertaining, 2005.