Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Weekly Phone Call

Now that people are actually reading my blog I feel kind of strange writting about my personal life. But, honestly I can't talk about these things anywhere but here. I guess you all understand anyway. So, I guess this is stil the place for now.

We talked to aathi (mother in law) tonight and mama (father in law) last night. I guess this situation is permanent. Now they are fighting over money. Aathi wants half of everything including mama's pension. She also is fighting for half of the sale of their home in Bodi. Of course mama is not like this situation, and is not going to give half unless there is a court divorce and it's ordered as part of that.

Mama said he wants to come here in the summer. Of course this is without Aathi. So, I can imagine how she will feel. Then there is the trouble of hosting both of them seperately while still working out their marital property. Ugh.

I finally got dh to agree that we will not host them at all. Regardless of what happens they are not coming here. I think it's best for our sanity. So, if anything we'll go to India. However, it's crazy because it's like who are we supposed to stay with? If we stay with Aathi then Mama will be mad and vice versa. Both of my sister in laws are working. And, one is doing her masters degree. Then, the other sister in law's husband is just strange. He's too friendly...

All this has dh reeling. He's so upset that this is happening to his family. He's ashamed and doesn't want me to tell my family or our friends. Plus, the baby is coming soon...I just can't believe that his parents have resigned themselves to this. I don't know what to think. They are both elderly, and have been together for a long time. I've never heard of this happening in India.


GoriGirl said...

certainly seems susprising, especially since they are elderly.. my parents are always fighting so I share your husbands concerns, There is a lot of things to consider.. like u said, letting them come stay, who do you stay with.. etc. etc...

When is your baby due ? Did u say wether it was a boy or a girl ?

I think When Iam pregant I would be more curious as to what color it's going to be, pink purple yellow or orange maybe.. lol

Gundu White Girl said...

It threw everyone for a loop. I just wish they would talk to each other, but you know how that goes. Each wants to prove their dominance - even now!!

Baby is due March 2nd. We didn't find the sex :( Dh convinenced me not to, and by the time I realized I wanted to was too late. But, I also like keeping everyone around me in a state of unknown. hehehe (My family thinks they have a right to be nosey ;0) )

Ooooh, like Crayola babies! Wouldn't that be pretty, I always liked 'seafoam green'!!

burf said...

lol, i like reading ur blog and gorigirl's too

burf said...

r u a trained rafter?

Gundu White Girl said...


trained? oh no - just do it for fun. I've went all over here in the US with rafting guides, but I don't think that counts as trained.

I would LOVE to do the upper part of the Ganges next time we are in India, and take the baby. Is that where you went?