Thursday, December 22, 2005


Oh man. It has been a crazy last couple of weeks. School is coming to a close - FINALLY. I am finishing my finals this week. Yes, the week before Christmas. Talk about a mad house; you should see my house!

I just turned in my project, the one that has been sucking up my life for the past three weeks. So, it's time to unwind and update everyone.

My mother-in-law went home!!!!!!!!
Finally, that stress is over. And, of course it is all my husbands fault this whole thing happened. I'm still not sure how that logic came about. I guess it is the son's responsiblity to work these issues out in his family/area history. And, he did a poor job. Well, he basically was the middle man.
My Christmas shopping is done!! All that needs done now is the wrapping. My favorite part, right. Who has time for wrapping? I don't see why I just can't give you your gift your just going to tear the wrapping paper off. All that time I spent wrapping it nicely is in a bundle on the floor.
I am a grinch. I blame it on hormones. Usually I'm a Christmas freak. This year there is not an ounce of Christmas joy in my blood. Not even a cookie to be found in my house. Well, you could count the 14 DOZEN I made for my husband's work place.
I'll tell you what I am excited about - Christmas Eve. Dh bought me a 'you finished your school' presant. Tickets to the Browns/Steelers football game on New Years Eve. WooHoo! I'm an avid Steelers fan and he an avid Browns fan. So, this should be interesting...


Nishu said...

it seems in between, u changed the topic.. well, its common "saas-bahu" (mother-in law-daughter-in law) phenonena all around the world!! (^_^)