Thursday, December 01, 2005

Best Thingsabout India

My favorite part of India are the people. Strangely, the same negative is also the positive. In India you are never alone. The house is swarming with people. Relatives, friends, neighbors, passer bys who wonder what all the comotion is about.

AND, who can forget 'SAMY IS COMING, SAMY IS COMING'!!

The parades. For every ocassion there is a parade. On my first night in India I heard bells in the street. I had never heard bells before, especially in the streets. I looked at my husband and he says 'Samy is coming'. I said 'Who is coming?'

When I got to the end of the sidewalk to see what was going on, I see men dancing. They were wearing traditional dothis that were black and yellow. They seemed very fancy and even appeared to have folds in the them. They had even had live music and LOTS of elephants (love the elephants!). And lights and decorations. The elephants were wearing bells. It was the best! Every day, at least once, there was a parade. The dancers where so happy, they smiled and waved. They even stopped the procession so I could take pictures!!

Honestly, I miss the comotion. The buzzing of voices and the warmth of a full house. It seems like here I only get to experience a similar warmth at Christmas time. But, even then it's just not the same.


yum said...

I was planning to write out my "india memoirs" soon, and this was going to be one of my topics!

I probably liked the atmosphere the most. the SOUNDS of life. knowing there are People outside because you hear them and see them. In US its often such an isolated feeling. right now, I hear and see NOBODY outside :(

one of my fav memories: the sellers on the trains-

GoriGirl said...

I can't say I miss the horn honking.. but there is something very special about the "Sounds OF India"

Gundu White Girl said...

India is so vibrant and full of life. It's so true, I do feel lonely and isolated sometimes when I think back to India.

The horn honking used to drive me NUTS! But, after going to Rome - India and India driving is nothing compared to Rome. I was so so shocked at the driving, lol even my husband was scared in Rome!!!

What about the bicycle bells? Every morning we had the milk man on a bike delivering fresh milk. That got annoying really quick.

yum said...

Hmm, I dont share your horn honking frustrations. I cant recall a sound I dont miss.

Every morning I would wake up really early. and like clockwork, at 6:12 I would hear some guy in the street selling something (my husband couldnt figure out what he was saying- this says alot abt my husband and why i cant learn a thing from him). Then I would hear the bustle of the house next door, as they started their day, and heard their pressure cooker whistling(this was all before i got out of bed, lol). My MIL doesnt pressure cook in the mornings, hehe.

Anyway, I really miss it. Even here in US one of my favorite things is waking up to birds singing in the mornings, and even the occasional lawn mower. These are things mostly from my childhood. I almost never hear it anymore.

Harish Suryanarayana said...

//Strangely, the same negative is also the positive.

Totally Agree :)

burf said...


i cant live in a place so isolated :D:D