Thursday, December 22, 2005


I love love love love love love love (etc.) white water rafting. It is the most fun I've ever had. The rush of the water and the spin of the rapids around huge glacier like boulders makes me feel like Tarzan. Then, I hear my guide shout 'DIG IT IN. DIG IT IN. HARDER!!' as our raft gets flung around boulder after boulder. I can feel the water try to suck my raft with its powerful undertow, but I dig it in harder. Sweat dripping, heart pumping, and adrenaline rushing through my viens I look to the bank surrounding me.

Whew, we made it past that rapid. Now, on the next rapid.

We love doing the Yough, it's so close to our house only a few hours away. And, the upper Yough is the best! It's a class V during the right season (early spring when the snow has melted, and spring rain has appeared). The best part of the ride is the American Rapids five fast consecutive rapids. Aw man, great. This was the point my husband fell out of his raft!! But, he survived after I dove in after him....hehehehe, Yes, I did save his life. :)


burf said...

this is so kewl

i love rafting too
i just love it

will do it on zambezi one day :D i sure will

and it is so cool that u did grade V
i havent done more than grade IV

Gundu White Girl said...

How is rafting in India? Can you give me some good places to go? I'd love to go back packing and rafting next time we are in India....

burf said...

1. rishikesh [the best - according to me]
2. near shimla - place called tattapani
3. river teesta in sikkim