Thursday, December 29, 2005

New Years

I am so excited over my New Years plans. We are going to to Udupi for breakfast/lunch. They have a dosai buffet with sombar, chutney, masala, idlis, and so much more. They have the best dosai around. There are many North Indian resteraunts closer but they don't serve dosai except once or twice a year. And, at that they are very spongey.

I think for New Years Eve we are going to have a small party here at the house. I'll make my favorite Indian dishes. One is poha with onions, potatoes, and homeade peanuts (no cauliflower). Pallou with peas and chicken curry or maybe just rajma. But, hubby likes chicken so we'll see what happens. The chicken curry with rajma instead reminds of an updated American style chilli only better!!

I'm debating wether or not to take down the Christmas decorations (especially the tree). What is everyone else doing?


burf said...

so how did ur new year go?

had a huge party n fun?