Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I've never understood how sodas sitting in the Indian hot sun are 'cool' drinks?

Also, why chewing tabaccoo is red...and stains your face pink as it drips down your face. Why is put in a leaf?

Why is toothpaste a dried reb herbal thingy? And, not a paste?

Why can I never find dosai here that half way compares to that in India? I even do it myself, with a stone grinder...comes out better than the resteraunts...but never the same.

Dhal; is there a secret? I had the best dahl on my sister in law's family farm. THE BEST DAHL. I am not a dahl person...but oh man, it was great.


yum said...

I think what u are referring to as chewing tobacco is betel nut.

For dosa, make sure you use an iron tava. It depends on a lot of things like the proportions, fermentation, etc.

Indians in India do use toothpaste too. But there are a lot of "natural" and ayurvedic products available. Dont knock it!

yum said...

i had a dal experience like that once. shockingly, it was in an unremarkable indian restaurant that served it along with the meal as a "soup". i still cant figure out what they had put in it that made it so different!

you should get the recipe from your in laws! theres like 50 different dals and a million ways to cook them, hehe.