Monday, November 28, 2005

Post Thanksgiving

Well, here I am again. I enjoyed the holiday, it was completely dramaless. It was nice not to have to deal with anyone else's problems. However, I wished that I didn't have to deal with my own sometimes ;P.

I think hubby is having problems dealing with my pregnancy and the thoughts of a new member of the family. I just hope he'll lighten up. Perhaps, it's only the holiday stress causing his flare ups. I dunno. He's just been so touchy and emotional. Sometimes I wonder if he isn't preggo too!!

I found a really funny quote today on

Some women carry triplets; one in their belly and one on each thigh. ROFL! Who woulda thought...


Mother in law is still gone, and she says she won't go back to her husband unless he comes to get her. She's sticking to her guns. Funny, I can understand her prediciment. Having lived with her son for close to six years....I see the parallels. Ugh. I hope this is not the type of crotchity behavior that I have in store for me.

Why are men so senseless sometimes? Why do they like to push our buttons and watch the explosion? Why even go there?

My biggest beef is that we send $200 - $300 to hubby's parents every month. This doesn't include gifts and extras. Or, the gifts we give to his two sisters and their kids. But, when it comes to my family and Christmas we can only spend $200. I mean come on. Then he says, oh yeah I think I'll send some extra money home this month for my parents. And, I'm not supposed to say anything. Rather, I'm supposed to be happy about the situation.

Don't get me wrong, we've had this discussion since before we were married. Yes, there was a deal. The deal was send the money to his parents no complaints from me. However, at Christmas time we would spend money on my family. Now, hubby wants out of the deal. Well, I should say that he still wants to give money to his parents but forego Christmas for mine.

I guess he's probably is stressed over money and is looking for ways to cut down expenses. However, this really is a once a year expense. And, sending money home to India is a monthly expense. But, of course he'll never see it that way. And, I'm tired, achy back, have exams this week, and don't want to argue about it tonight. Ah, the usual. I'm just too easy going - but this argument won't die quickly.

He even started emailing me the transactions. Asking me what they are for (copied from the statement) and letting me know I've spent "x" amount of the Christmas money. Am I just being stupid here?


burf said...

the situation with pass...

i pray for u and ur family...


take care

GoriGirl said...

Yeah... had the money issue way to many times... we dont send money home.. atleast not that I am aware of..

but only because hubby is too scared of

When we go we spend sooo much money on gifts ..and everytime they have to be bigger and better..

Come christmas we only spend around $30 on each family member and more for my parents..around $100 each... so whats my gripe..


my husband justifies it by guilt tripping me and saying that atleast I get to see my family..

No guilt.. his choice.

what more can I say

GoriGirl said...

I have learnt that arguments over money regurgitate like a really bad curry off a street stall...LOL

if u dont sort it..this shit will keep coming... LOL

I dont think you are does seem unfair..

Have you ever been accused of resenting his family for having it ? I have..

red said...

this seems to be a chapter from my life.only relief is after 7 years of married life,we have come to an unspoken deal.don't ask mine-&i won't ask yours.simple.
take care.

Gundu White Girl said...


Well, I guess your husband at least atempts to equalize it. I dunno. I just wish he wouldn't bug me about Christmas shopping. It's only once a year.

YES. He pulls that guilt trip on me every time I question his spending!! He says they are poor people living in this hard third world country. The whole nine yards...

yum said...

I think I am lucky in some ways. Ive had some tough things in my life, so I tend to accept certain things and then forget about them. I knew before marriage my husband was/would pay off his families nearly 20,000 USD debt! and support them forever. and Im okay with that(and im one of the most "frugal" people u will meet). Also, hes earning the money.

One good thing is, he doesnt do a thing without consulting me. He's an extremely generous person(unlike me) and he also encourages helping out my family, however I choose to.

The difference between your family and your hubbies' is that most likely your family doesnt need or expect you to help them out financially, where as in India, they would.

After all, its just money, as long as we are not suffering to send it.