Friday, November 18, 2005


I was reading another blog titled Pickled Politics and found they have a lot of interesting news, especially from India. One that really got me thinking was an article about inbreeding. I know that in most parts of the world inbreeding is taboo. However, in my husband's family and village it is common place.

Actually, it is better to marry your cousin or niece rather than a village outsider. Is this creepy or what? Then again = to put in perspective = most of these villagers cook over an open fire and collect their fire sticks early every morning...


Vikrant said...

GWG.. btw we North Indians dont marry any one remotely related to us. Theres one community called Yadavs in Madhya Pradesh and Bihar who dont even marry anybody from their mothers or fathers village.

Gundu White Girl said...

Yeah, I've been talking to my husband and he said the same thing. He said Tamil Nadu is the only state in India that it is legal. And, when he lived in North India (New Delhi and Goa) he never heard if it happening there.

It would make sense that you would want to marry outside your village. After awhile everyone would start to look the same. (Like hubby's family - never thought of that before!)