Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Modern Day Martyrs

Charlotte`s post about the modern *saints* and *martyrdom* on her advent calendar (and mine for that matter) got me thinking.

Perhaps, this is not a bad thing.


When did we last here in our new media of the suffering of those persecuted Christians in Orissa, India? Did we receive our CNN broadcast that 70,000 Christians are displaced. Living in the jungle. Living in refugee camps? An orphanage was burned. Many were torn from their families. On man had to leave his mother in the jungle to save his wife and two children.

Perhaps, then, you heard about Mary. She is an evangelist in Columbia. She is under constant attack from the FERC. They place bombs outside her home. Daily send her letters and threaten her and her families life. She could simply stop telling people about Jesus and they would leave her alone. She refuses.

What about Pastor *Bike*? Recently even the State Department issued a press release asking the Chinese Governement to look into his case. He is an organizer, a Pastor, of a thriving Church in China. He has been imprisioned, beaten, ant tortured. His sons recently have been beaten for spreading the news of Jesus.

I bet you heard about the 10,000 muslims that stormed a new Christian church in Ciaro. No? Surely, you heard of a young woman named Fatima in Saudi Arabia whose brothers murdered her after she told them of her love for Jesus. And, prayed that her Muslim family would receive the love of Jesus...even when she was awaiting her death.

It is so sad that our media is deaf. And, in turn we Christans do not know of the suffering of our brothers and sisters!! Please consider signing up with Voice of the Martyrs today for a free newsletter. They have lots of information and ways for us all to help our family in Christ who need us.