Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Six Months

Hunter is six months now! I can't believe how much he's grown. It's crazy.

He loves giving smiles and talks up a storm. It's just so sweet to hear him babble away. His voice is so gentle and innocent. He loves holding his binky up and babbles away at it like its a long lost friend!

He's not mobile yet. And, I'm thankful - but, anxious for him to meet his milestones. I think it's just that I want to confirm that he's doing good. And, I want him to be the best and brightest. It's almost like a confirmation that I'm doing a good job as a mommy.

He is rolling over. He doesn't like to and only does it in cases of emergency. For instance, he'll fall to the side of his bobby (when sitting) and its such an awkward angle PLUS he really wants that toy! So, he's learned to roll from the boppy onto his play mat.

He loves his toys. Especially sitting on the Baby Einstein play mat with those toys dangling in front of him. He has a couple favorite toys. But, the ones he reaches for are always the books. He loves those Sassy muscial books. And, his baby Bible. I think it's because that one is the biggest plus it has a big bright handle with shapes on it.

We're getting his six months pictures taken next week, so check back! I'll be posting those!!