Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Off to India!

Hi everyone!

It's been a long time since I posted a real post. I don't even know if anyone still reads this or not. ;-) But, I wanted to announce our India trip will begin on December 28th. We'll leave from Chicago in the afternoon. YUCK. I hate trying to go anywhere (flightwise) in Chicago. It seems they are always behind schedule and everything runs late.

To make matters worse or current flight only leaves us with two hours to get off the plane and check in our luggage for international travel. Since, hubby saved a few hundred bucks by not having us check in our luggage from Cleveland...we have to do in Chicago. We did this the last time we went to India and the line was three hours long. I can't imagine us doing that with Hunter!! So, I'm working on changing that...at least have us in Chicago by 11 am (plane leaves at 4 pm).

I also have a yahoo group for the India trip.

I'm just using the same group I used when we went to India the first time. Why change a good thing?

If you want to join just click the link - and remind me who you are ;) I'm awfully forgetful!


Anonymous said...

Hi !

Looking forward to your posts on your second experience :)