Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Growing Baby...


Life is returning to some state of normalcy. I have time to check my emails...although I may not have time to respond...at least I can check them. I finally have a few moments to myself to collect my thoughts. It's nice that Hunter is getting more and more independant. Don't get me wrong though, he is still very dependant on mommy.

I had no idea how demanding the life of a mommy was going to be. Nursing every three hours, every day, every week, for the last three months adds up to almost 100 feedings. Ugh. We are now supplementing with a bottle for one-two feedings a day -- which give me more time to myself. It may sound selfish to those who haven't had a baby and those who have had a baby and did the whole ap (attachment parenting) thing. But, I'm not cut out for that. I don't think one sytle of mothering fits all mothers.

Hunter is sleeping through the night. YEAY! His bed time is somewhere around 9:30-10:30 and he sleeps until 6:30. Most of the time...anyway.

We are busy preparing for his baptism on Father's Day, June 18. We're having a small reception here at the house. I'm expecting about 20 people. So, that means my house has to be cleaned, laundry caught up, ironing caught up...and manage to feed these poor people, lol! If I can make it past this week I know I"ll be okay.

Hubby is going to be gone for the most part this week. He has meetings, tennis games, and a SCUBA diving trip (NO FAIR!). So, I keep telling him that I will claim my dues -- and when I do he'll have to pay up. Right now it's impossible for me to do anything by myself for an extended period of time. Especially since I'll keep nursing for the first year. As hard as it seems now I feel I have to because our India trip.

We're leaving for India on December 28th. Our plane travels from Cleveland to Chicago; Chicago to London; London to Chennai. From Chennai we'll travel Jet Airways to Madrai. The suckiest part is we'll have a six hour layover in Chennai. Our plane lands at 1:10 am. We don't have a flight until 7 am. We went through this once in Delhi the last time in India. We barely managed ourselves...I happen to think the only way we survived is because we sucked the energy from the Buddhist monks from Lay. But, I doubt we'll run into any monks this time around. Unless they are from Nepal.

So, we're off to buy a play yard for the trip. The biggest thing we're looking for is travel ease. Then we need a mobile. If the yard doesn't come with a mobile we can always buy one and the little clips at USA Baby. Any ideas would be great. Espcially those who have travelled with a small baby.

For ease and comfort we decided to fly Economy third class. We're hoping to use our miles to upgrade to business class. But, we had a hard time doing that on our way to India last time. So, even if we manage to do that while coming back - which is what happened last time - it will be great!! I just want to keep the noisy people outta the cabin. And man, does it ever get crazy on those jumbo jets.

Thats all for now. I have new pics of Hunter that I'll be posting.