Friday, January 13, 2006


The baby room is coming into shape! The chair rail moldings have all been cut. They are ready to be assembled. The next thing is painting and I've been told that will start tomorrow!! Who knows, maybe I can post some pictures of the nursery this weekend at the pace we are going!!


Mom Mac said...

Hi! You left a comment on my travel blog which got me curious enough to find your blog and read most of it. The picture you have in your first post has you wearing a sari that looks a lot like the one that I wore to my daughter's wedding! Also, my oldest daughter is expecting her first baby about the same time that you are. (NOT the daughter who just got married, another one.) Babies are always exciting, especially the first.

Jewel Rays said...

Hi Gundu White Girl,

Thanks for dropping by ma blog. :) Hope the nursery will turn out a blast and just the way you like it. :)

burf said...

i would really like to see some nursery pics :D

now i can understand that christmas things after the clarification :D and yea, i second you on that - that kind of adaptation is wrong [aur yaar tumne kis gawar se shaadi kar li hai?] :D:D


it was not that cold. just between 1 degrees centigrade to 4 degrees at night and less than 10 in the morning. delhites are used to that. but now it seems that the winters are gone :( too fast