Thursday, January 05, 2006

Miracles do happen...

I can't hardly believe it, but hubby has really picked up the ball. He came home from work and did a workout on the treadmill. Then, he cleared out the guest room to prepare for the baby's room!! So, everything is out of the room and all that needs done is some painting work.

There was lots of furniture so I expected to have to nag. Or, at least hear some complaints that I'm not helping him. Nope, none of these. I was making dinner and heard the rumblings of heavy furntiure. Then the sounds of heavy furniture falling down the stairs (apparantly that was monitored) since I couldn't help. But hey no complaints. I'm actually stunned. I thought I was dreaming - maybe hubby has been reading my blog!!

However, he was quite grouchy aftwards. But, I just ignored it and said he was being petty. Nothing some fresh yoghurt and a tall glass of water won't fix. :))

I'm getting excited...only 7 weeks left!! I'm going this week to pick out bedding and pictures and those things. So, at least they can get ordered...the furniture won't be in until middle of March anyway...AAHHH, it's almost here!!


Nishu said...

hmm... Keep up the excitation...All the Best (^_*)

Gundu White Girl said...

Thanks! Usually it goes from excitement all the way up to anxiety, lol. I'm afraid that I post mostly anxiety here...*cringe*

Ah, that should be my resolution!