Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I am making dosai this week and wonder if anyone has a good masala recipe. I'm looking for one that is not spicy like Udupi's. Also, Udupi puts some crunchy dhal in their version - anyone know what this is? Is this the same that Tamilians put in their coconut chutney?


yum said...

Which udipi do you go to?

I know that some udipi's are a part of a chain, but not all. I know this because Ive talked to the people who own the one near Pittsburgh.

Gundu White Girl said...

Usually we go to the one in Pittsburgh. Recently they opened one closer to us in Parma, OH. But, the masala is the same at both places.

Hema said...

Hi Gundu White girl,
I feel rude calling you that. Anyways, I read your blog and empathise with you. I have the recipe for the masala I make it all the time. Let me know if you need it.
Hema Shivram.