Wednesday, January 18, 2006


If you haven't noticed already I've started another blog called 'India 2007'. We are planning to go to India with baby. However, it seems we might go yet this year...but either way I'll keep you posted on the dates so you can check the pictures and posts.

I've already been warned I'll have nearly a thousand rituals, rites, and poojas to do. So, that should be interesting - I've never experienced these things. I think my Idian famiy was being gentle with me...I guess that's over :))


rohini said...

thanx for dropping by mah blog!!


burf said...

that is so kewl, i would love to read more of ur india experiences :D

and pls include a link to ur other blog in here somewhere

Anonymous said...

OK but your husband will kidnap you and prevent you from retruning to your home country if you do go to Iran, I mean India.