Thursday, November 17, 2005

Roman Catholic

Okay, I guess that quiz wasn't way off. I went through the RCIA program during Easter Vigil '05 at St. Hilary's ( . The following week we went to Italy for a pilgramage of sorts. We have a ton of pics!



Vikrant said...


This is Vikrant from Pickled Politics.
Nice blog you've got here. Its funny that you refer to yourself as gundu seeing that average North Indian stereotype of Tamil is Obese,Orthodox blokes.



Gundu White Girl said...

I didn't know that, it's ironic. Funniest thing is that his wife and both of his daughters are bigger than me!! And, because he married his first cousin they have genetic malformations also (and his one sister had a servere childhood illness that mentally delayed her).

But, when finding out that their son was marrying a gunduwhitegirl they offered him his NIECE. EEEWWW!!!!

Vikrant said...

btw about the inlaws thing, i'd a lil' chat with my mom. She says Indian (not only Tamil) inlaws tend to be invasive (since joint-family system got destriyed by the compulsions of modern life) especially when they've got only one son, but since my family has been in UK since 1960 my mom thankfully didnt have to go through the experience.

Being an agnostic British Hindu of Rajput descent, i find its ironic that Tamil Nadu has become the last vestige of untouchability a system instituted on them by my North Indian ancestors. Yes almost all Hindus tend to be some what casteist but after 50 years of affirmative action, i'm glad most Indians are beginning to forget caste, untouchability is history in most parts of India, i believe. But old habits die hard.

But lastly Tamils arent all that bad, they may seem silly, but succesess of Tamils in places not usually dwelt by India like Malaysia (where they are accorded "dhimmi" or second class status by govt.),Singapore,France and even in South Africa under apartheid shows that they are indeed hardworking people who beat all the odds.