Wednesday, November 16, 2005

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I'm a Gundu White Girl!!

What is a Gundu White Girl?

My husband is from Tamil Nadu and in Tamil gundu means 'fat' o r 'exsessive weight gain'. I am an American born and raised in Ohio. I'm not used to the inlaws being so invasive and controlling. So, I guess this blog is a release. Heck, I really need to talk to someone who understands -- few are far between so, I'll just talk to my computer :)))

Someone is bound to find this site and understand!!

So, my in laws also call me white girl. My father in law never fails to mention that he protested the British and walked with Gahndi as a child. Now his only son has married one. What a disappointment.

They just trip me out sometimes. Like they know how much we wanted kids and after numerous fertility treatments we are expecting. And, guess what? They don't want to see the baby. They tell dh that they are afraid of me. I've never done anything to them. I let my mil take things from the house (1/2 she never told me about). I even gave her my tupperware!!

Okay, this sounds like a boo hoo post. But, today was the kicker. DH said he would take the baby to India w/o me knowing. Isn't that kidnapping? I guess there are still lots of cultural kinks to work out.



GoriGirl said...

You gave her your tupperware.. Oh my god.. thats serious stuff...LOL

To my inlaws I have lost...

towels (she offered me one to use when in india.. how kind)
glasses ( was offered a drink in kind)
Kitchen utensils
but most of all self esteeem...