Friday, January 30, 2009

Shuang Shuying

A letter I sent to the People`s Republic of China (and national/local media) in plea for Shuang Shuying`s immediate release.

Shuang Shuying is a 79-year-old woman who has spent the last year of her life in a Chinese prison. Her crime was her belief in God. A policeman pushed the elderly woman. When she tried to regain her balance in order to keep from falling her cane flew from her hands. That cane hit some office equipment. Hence, came her charge – breaking office equipment.

She has been torn from her family. Especially her ailing husband Hua Zaichen. Last night Hua was rushed to the ER. His health is failing and his last wish is to see his wife released from prison. Having her hand to hold beside his deathbed.

Sadly, this story has taken place in China. A land were one’s thoughts are not free from persecution. This is a place where religion is mandated by the government. If you are brave enough to attend a Christian house church. Or, believe in Jesus Christ the government will beat you. If they take pity on you will jail you indefinitely.

I urge The People’s Republic of China to grant Shuang Shuying`s immediate release. Please note a copy of this letter will be sent to all appropriate government officials. Including the Chinese Embassy here in Washington, DC. I am also sending a copy of this to CNN, MSNBC, and FOXNEWS. I will also send this to my local television and newspapers in hopes to pressure you to release this innocent elderly woman.

May the peace and love of Jesus Christ be with you all,
Robin Kuppusamy

What I didn`t know at that time was this poor woman was severely tortured while imprisoned. She was beaten so badly she lost her vision. I also didn`t know she herself was in bad health. She has lost nearly 30 pounds since her incarceration two years ago.

Her father was arrested and killed in 1949 for being an Anti-Revolutionary. He faught against the communist regime.

In 1957 her husband Hua (who is now in the hospital) was taken from his family for anti-communist actions. He was sentenced to TWENTY (20) years in prision. Shuang raised her family without her husband. Even moreso the government tried to force her to divorce her husband. This brave woman refused. For that she was hung naked from a pillar and kneel on a triangular frame.

This woman did not stop there. She turned her home into a boarding house for fellow Christians. When the Olympics came to China they said her home tainted their New China New Olympic media message. So, the promptly dismantled her home and relocated them to a new village. Here they were watched 24 hours and frenquently beaten. Her son complained. And was secretely detained for six months.

When this coupled demaned their right to know where their son was and what happened to him they too were detained. They were sent to a labor camp. Shuang is still being held there. Her son is continually harassed to provide information on house members (the Christian boarders) and Christian activity. They want him to be a spy. They insist Shuang will NOT be released unless he cooperates.

Shuang has hypertension, diabates, and neuralgia. Her son stated the last time he saw her she was trembling. God only knows how this woman has suffered in prison.

In an outreach by the Christan community around the world pressuring the Chinese government by sending letters. And, making telephone calls they make yet one more attempt to mentally harm this family. They have told Shuang that once her husband dies they will transport her to his body in shackles and prison uniforms so she can see his body for 10 minutes.

You can make a difference. Here are some ideas

1. Write Shuang Shuying

Shuang ShuyingNo. 3 Run He Xiang, Huifeng Street, Tiantang He Qing Feng Road,

Daxing District

BeijingPeople's Republic of China

2. Contact the local embassy in Washington

Zhou Wenzhong
Embassy of the People's Republic of China

2300 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC 20008

3. Send an email!

These are the Chinese officals,,,,,

Here are some media emails I have letters to, you can also search your own local news media and add them to the list!,, "" , "" ,,,,,,,,

4. Visit the sources webpages where you can contribute monitarily.


6. To get the children involved I will make a very simple meal. Something of sacrifice like I would do for lent. A simple broth with bitter greens (watercress) and some carrots and tortelleni. I will have a handout at everyones place with the family stats and how much we are saving at this meal for this family. That money is contributed to the family or organization at the end of the week.

7. Start a monthly prayer group with some friends. Everyone picks a prisoner and collectively pray and write letters.