Sunday, January 18, 2009


Today in our parish bulletin I came across a faith sharing community for gays and lesbians. They meet on the third Sunday of every month before the 5:30 PM youth mass. This way everyone can celebrate mass together.

My question is, where does the church stand on gays and lesbians?

My research has shown that the church typically stands against act (deprived sin are the exact words). But, believes those persons deserve dignity. My concern is that by instituting such a program right before mass, encouraging to partake in the Eucharist is condoning. How is it not condoning sin?

Why is sin no longer called sin?

We refuse to call it and see it for what it is.

We are are lied to. Decieved.

Everything is *natural*. Its *nature*. Yes, human nature is to sin. This is why God the Father sent his Son Jesus. To redeem us from our natural sinful state. To condone our natural state is to negate what Jesus did for us.

This is gravely affected me. I feel at a stalmate and wonder how to proceed in my spiritual journey. This will be a tough obstacle for me to overcome. How does one overcome the condoning of sin by their church leaders? It directly goes against the cathecism. It seems to me its like accepting sin as something other than sin...

I even did a bit of background and found connections with DignityUSA who is pushing for the marriage proposal in SF. Something I do not believe in at all.


Melissa from MN said...

You are right on. The Catholic Church does not condone the practices of homosexuals. Those who feel those urges are to renounce them, and live a life of chastity. If the people who gather at that meeting are discussing how to withdraw themselves from that homosexual lifestyle - that is great. But if they proclaim that they can be Catholic and act upon their ill desires, they are to be excommunicated from the Catholic Church.

If you are not certain of their intentions, you are free to write your local Bishop in concern about this group. Because it is the Priest allowing it to be published - perhaps out of "tolerance", it is okay to "write his boss." In fact, I strongly encourage you to.

In the meantime, we as Catholics do not have hate towards homosexuals, they are still children of God. But we are never accepting or tolerant of their sexual behavior. This includes their requests to marry.

Melissa from MN said...

I encourage you to take amoment to read this blog post.

The intention of marriage: