Thursday, October 16, 2008


I was just thinking these past few days how thankful I am. God has truly blessed my life since my husband and I decided to become Catholic. Our marriage was struggling. Perhaps, on the verge of divorce. The pressures to have children and the loooming reality that it just was not going to happen. Our lust for the material world and the lies we bought into had ruined our selves and our marriage.

It hasn`t been an easy road. It`s been nearly four years since we became Catholic. And, converting did not solve our problems. We did. We made Christ our center. Our lives and our family revovle around God. Since becoming active in our parish and the recent formation of a Small Christian Community God has worked wonders in our lives.

It`s comical at times. Because we traded in our luxury Lexus. And, no longer are financially able to go to the lavish resteraunts we used to. I remember stopping at the jewelry store and just picking out anything from the case. But, so empty...yearning for husband left his business to make less money.

Here we are, poor as heck. But happier than ever. Happy in the life Christ has given to us. People may look at us and pity us. Thinking we lost out on something. But, we are rich!! It`s so ironic...but so much makes sense. Do you remember what Jesus told the rich man? Sell your wealth and give to the poor. There is something to be said of being free from the games we play with ourselves...

Well, now I`m rambling! Off to bed, it`s late and I am pooped.


Melissa from MN said...

Hello, I found your blog on my family's recipe blog. I read this blog of yours and am so thrilled to hear you have joined our family of Catholics. In it you will find such riches that don't compare to any worldly ones - as it seems you have already noticed. You have discovered one of God's lovely Graces of humility, which I myself am trying to practice every day.

Stop by my blogs anytime! They can often be rich in truths and ideas!