Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Okay, I've been really bad at this since Hunter came along. And, I've failed to update here regularly. In my defense it's incrediably hard to steal some time to just write with a wee one. Hopefully, I'll get more time here...but, with another baby on the way it just seems like a dream!

Yup, we are expecting another bouncing baby boy July 7, 2007.

And, I've not even started on the nursery yet either. Well, I did order furniture after we got back from India (January 15, 2007). But, it's not arrived yet...and will probably take until June to arrive. Check out our furniture! And, here's our bedding.

Like I said we were in Dindigal (south of Madrai, TN) for three weeks this winter. I was miserable because I was newly pregnant and very sick. So, the whole time I pretty much spent sleeping or in the bathroom. I think it was the only time while pregnant that I managed to loose weight. So, the trip wasn't very enjoyable for me...but, my poor hubby felt so horrible in making me come and do all these family things he bought me jewelery. Which, of course he shouldn't have spent the money on...but it is beautiful!! I'll have to post pictures later...

Right now Hunter is up and waiting for me to come get him...