Thursday, March 02, 2006

My Guardian Angel

Do you believe in angels on earth? I am for certain this woman is mine! The story is rather crazy and hubby still says I'm insane for putting so much into this, but I know...I know...this is just so far beyond the mundane.
As you might know already when Anbu and I were first talking marriage his family did not approve. I don't mean they didn't approve but they pulled all kinds of stunts to stop us from marrying. His dad grew a beard and let his hair grow as a sign of mourning. His weekend calls home were spent with his mom going emotionally crazy and threatening to kill herself. So, very stressful! Plus, me on the other side not understanding what the big deal was.
They would say they were going to kill themselves unless he came home. Well, anyone in a relationship with an Indian abroad knows what that means. We'll get married to a local girl one way or another...just get over here. Thankfully, that managed to be avoided. But, I was devestated. I was finally realizing what our marriage meant to his family. And, that I was not wanted much less accepted. But, I loved Anbu so much...and I knew he was the one for me a match truly made in heaven.
I reached out and began to pray. I didn't know what else to do. This was way beyond my control and expertise. I felt so helpless and alone. I knew this was right but couldn't figure out how it was going to work itself out.
Then one night I had a dream. I was in an open field a green field. There were lots of boths and women in saris managing some. They were beautiful women and very friendly. Very eager to talk to me and show me around. One booth in particular had a wood burning stove. I was very curious because this was like the old stoves I had heard my grandma say she cooked on when grandpa worked as a lumberjack and on the railroad in the depression.
As I was examining the stove I saw Anbu's parents. He saw them too. They were talking about something in Tamil. Conveniently I couldn't understand. I saw Anbu pull open the door and he began to step inside. I freaked out, what are you doing? I tried to pull him back and get him into his rational mind. But, he wouldn't budge. He insisted he go into the fire. I was hysterical and in tears and the lovely woman in the beautiful sari was holding me. He told me he was going in that he had to it was the only way we could be together. I told him he'd never make it out that he would surely die. He asked me if I heard of the story Shadrak, Meshak, and Abendigo. Of course, I'd heard many a Sunday School lesson and sermon preached on those three. Then he walked in.
I tried to see if he was in there, but the flames were too high. I was sure he was incinterated. I was fierce and lashed out at his parents. Who were happily watching him go through this. The beautiful woman never left my side. She comforted me and patiently waited. I couldn't leave...I couldn't watch any longer. I saw others in that fire, not just one person. I don't know who they were or how many...and then the door opened and Anbu walked out perfectly fine.
No one at the booth seemed surprised that he walked out of this stove. His parents and I were shocked. He smiled and said I told you it would be fine and here I am.
When I saw this woman in India I saw the face of the woman who comforted me in that dream. I know her to be a very devout woman of faith. She is a Muslim who follows the customs and prays daily as well as read the Koran. I know she is my angel on earth. I believe that her prayers and faith helped sustain me through a very difficult time...even though she didn't know me...there is a higher power and her faith allowed him to work in my life.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post. I believe there are sign everywhere...if we are willing to listen. Looks like listening really worked out for you. Destiny can't be stopped.

(BEAUTIFUL baby, by the way!)