Thursday, March 02, 2006


I miss India so much these days. Perhaps, its because hubby and I keep talking about taking Hunter this winter. But, I think its because of the warmth. No, not literally! Although, it is very warm there. But, just the feeling of humanity in its general most sense. I feel that as a westerner, American in particular, I don't interact socially. I come home, pull my SUV in the garage, and clost the door. But, in India there is no such thing!! So many people and so much to talk about...never any lonliness.

This was my first night in Bodinyakanur, the village where my husband went to High School. I heard bells, singing, laughter, and dancing. The family tried to explain it was nothing just a parade. A parade? A parade for what? Those don't happen every day!! But, alas, India is a country of celebration and parades are very common. This was my first and it was a blast!!