Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Another Day, Another Drama

Well, I called this one.

Dh is on the phone with the in laws right now. He can't wait to know what is going on. Yes, he is now worried about his parents drama, and feels bad he yelled at them. UGH. You know they are going to bring all their drama to my house when they visit this baby. Dh will be at work and guess who will deal with it!

I'll never forget the first time I came home from school/work and found my father in law, bare chested, in a dothi tied like a diaper sitting at my kitchen table. YUCK! Oh God. I nearly died of embarassment and nausea. Talk about hairy...

THEN, they asked me to do some of their laundry. Apparently they had never done their own laudry. (Now I know not to be true) Guess what they gave me? YES, My father in laws JOCKEYS!!! AAAAHHHH

Talk about mental anguish. You know they did that on purpose. I told dh when he came home...yes, he was mad and sad for them to do their own wash. It was then he told me his mom had a washer and dryer and did her own laundry. Why would they do that?

NEWS FLASH: My mother in law has not returned home. I'm sure I'll get the full scoop when dh is off the phone. :( :( :( :(


burf said...


this is funny

and this is sad (not all of it)

but it is a shame that ur in-laws are so cross to u... india is so diff from US in evrything...

anyways, be happy and take care

Gundu White Girl said...

thanks burf! i'm still optimistic, or maybe just niave. but, still hope things will improve...

Anonymous said...

I am an indian, and always am confused about why people do not respect another person

Anonymous said...

sorry about the previous blog being incomplete... I just did soemthing and the half typed note got posted.

Well, I always wonder why people fail to respect another person's likings, habits and customs..
There is a LOT of love for everyone. But NO RESPECT !

It doesnt take relationships too far if you cannot appreciate others way of life. Almost 95% indian families have misunderstandings between the wife & her inlaws ! It is a miracle if any family is an exeption to this custom. I would be wrong if I failed to mention, there is no love between the wife & in-laws !!!
Finally everything is fruitless !

For a long time I have been living away from my parents for studies/work etc. Whenever I go back to visit them, I am "REQUIRED" to go to each and every relative's house of Mine, My mom's , my dad's and maybe some friends and relatives of our dog too !!!! When I mention "My dad's relatives" I mean my dad's uncle's brother-in-law's daughter's cousin - they have told my dad its long time since they saw me !!!! According to me they are NOT even my acquaintances forget being relatives!!!!
Any opposition to going on a parade to other's houses mission is considered arrogance by my parents. Why can't they just respect that my holiday is to spend time with my family and not going on a parade !!!

Well I think my parents have lived up to their parent's likes & dislikes and have forgotten to form their own opinions & likes!!!

There are lot of such listings
* Most families you are not supposed to like to marry or love somebody of your own. Reason being what does the society talk abt the family !
* You are not totally entitled to not follow some customs & practices. You just have to be blind and do stuff that makes NO SENSE to you. Silly things like do not cut nails after 6 pm (who decided this time limit for me to cut my own darn nails) !


YES there are many many things which Indians are good at and worth incorporating in your life, but respecting every body's opinions & feelings is definetely not one of them !!!